• Fr MichaelWelcome to The Annunciation, Brighton

    This week's message (22nd April 2018)

    The image put before us in today’s liturgy to describe the person and work of Jesus among the disciples is that of shepherd.  It is one which would have been extremely familiar to Jesus’ hearers from whom the sight of an individual leading sheep to pasture would have been a common one.  We are told that in the Holy Land shepherds lead rather than drive.  So sheep follow rather than driven.  Two aspects of this are important.  First, to follow involves a free choice.  Second, to follow someone means to have confidence in their ability to lead.

    Our Parish  Family Prayer

    Loving Father send your Spirit on us afresh that we may know your will. Enkindle our hearts with your love, that together we may always reflect your glory, in Christ, our living and eternal Lord. Amen


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