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    When we agreed that Joy would preach her monthly sermon today, I didn’t realize (really!) that she was drawing the short straw of the parable of the dishonest steward – a gospel topic even less popular with preachers than explaining how the Trinity works. I mean, I ask you. This company financial controller gets wind that he’s about to be “let go” because he’s useless so what does he do? He quickly cooks the books so that the company’s customers appear to owe less than they do, in the hope that they’ll feel they owe him a return favour when he’s out in the cold looking for another job. But when the managing director realises what’s going on, he says “Well I’m blowed! I never thought you had it in you. I’ll tell you what I’m going to do, my lad - I’m going to keep you on after all and give you an upgrade and a pay rise thrown in. I reckon that’s a fair modern paraphrase of Jesus’s words. What on earth is the message supposed to be? All will be revealed. Over to you, Joy…………….

                         Fr Michael

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    Sunday 25th September  11am   Fr Michael’s farewell Mass, followed by lunch and Benediction