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    This week's message 21st July 2018

    The custom of bringing gifts when coming to the Eucharist developed differently in the Eastern Church and in the West.  In the East before the Eucharist people brought gifts for the Eucharist itself, for the poor and for the upkeep of the Church, particularly the clergy. The minister took what was necessary for the Eucharist and brought this in solemnly after the Liturgy of the Word.  In the West all the gifts were collected after the Liturgy of the Word, some used for the Eucharist and the remainder left to one side.

    Our Parish  Family Prayer

    Loving Father send your Spirit on us afresh that we may know your will. Enkindle our hearts with your love, that together we may always reflect your glory, in Christ, our living and eternal Lord. Amen


    11th August—Church Summer Fair

    31st August Walsingham

    8th Sept - I360 Mass


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