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    This week's message 10th November 2019

    To remember our beloved dead from war throughout the ages in the presence of God is wholesome and it is natural to remember them in love and thanksgiving.  We thank God for the gifts bestowed on us through them—signs of his grace and presence.  We entrust our beloved to the love and mercy of God, because, even though we do not grieve as those who have no hope, to remember  the dead is holy and devout.  All they have meant for us is not lost forever, for God—the God of the living—is their life now and always.

      Family Prayer

    Loving Father send your Spirit on us afresh that we may know your will. Enkindle our hearts with your love, that together we may always reflect your glory, in Christ, our living and eternal Lord. Amen


    The Sunday Servery  - Refectory dining, in The Annunciation’s monthly popup restaurant!  Next date 1st December 2019

    Childrens Creative Crafts - TBA



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