Prayers This Week


The Popes visit to Sub-Saharan Africa


All those who are hungry


Hampden Road

Chronically Sick

Mike Ford; Julia Millen; Mike; Nigel Tuck; Gloria; Brenda; Bob; Jen; Jack; Julia Pilgrim

The lamp before the BLESSED SACRAMENT burns this week for those affected by Hurricane Dorian 

The Blessed Sacrament is reserved in Church for the Communion of the sick. If you know of anyone who is ill either at home or in hospital who would like to receive Holy Communion can you please let Fr Anthony Murley know as soon as possible. Likewise if you yourself would like to receive Communion.

The Consecrated Oil of the Sick is reserved should anyone wish to be annointed or receive the laying on of hands with annointing. Please let tFr Anthony know.

The Sacrament of Reconciliation is available by appointment. If you have never made your confession before and wish to discuss this with a priest please contact Fr Anthony who will be able to help.

Baptism, Marriage, First Holy Communion and Confirmation – please ring the Parish Office on 01273 681341.